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Famous Google Algorithm Updates, search index changes and refreshes.Read More
10 Sep
Famous Google Algorithm Updates, search index changes and refreshes.
Posted 3:14 pm, September 10, 2016 Admin | Category: SEO Tools

Every 12 months, google adjustments its search algorithm round 500? Six hundred instances. While most of these changes are minor, google every now and then rolls out a "foremost" algorithmic update (which i...
Tags: Google Updates | search engine optimisation | google algorithm |

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Importance of Meta tags for SEO 2016Read More
17 Aug
Importance of Meta tags for SEO 2016
Posted 3:16 pm, August 17, 2016 Admin | Category: SEO Meta Tags

Meta tags are a first rate way for site owners to offer search engines like google and yahoo with data approximately their websites. (they) can be used to offer records to all sorts of clients, and each machine proce...
Tags: SEO Meta Tags | SEO Meta Tags 2016 |

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Best SEO extension for Google ChromeRead More
16 Jul
Best SEO extension for Google Chrome
Posted 5:45 pm, July 16, 2016 Admin | Category: SEO Tools

We know that the Google Chrome is the best and fast Web Browser. Here we are discussing about Chrome SEO Extension. We can improve our website search optimization using SEO extension for Google Chrome. Google chrome ...

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